Empowering Practices

A toolkit for promoting social inclusion with marginalised peoples.


Are you planning, or engaged in, a program that promotes the social inclusion of people from marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds? Empowering Practices provides a toolkit of community-based practices, found to be vital in the delivery of a program that fostered the social inclusion of women from refugee and migrant backgrounds in non-metropolitan Australian communities. The 3Es to Freedom: Education, Employment, Empowerment. The program was established using a trauma-informed, person centred, strengths based approach (Bateman, Henderson, & Kezelman, 2013). Using action research, reflective practice with staff in this program revealed their practice wisdom and the success factors for the 3Es to Freedom program. These are offered here as a package of Empowering Practices to inform programs designed to promote social inclusion.
The practices are interconnected and interwoven (as illustrated below). The focus here is on acknowledging the essential connections between broader social change and person centredness.

This multilayered approach includes:
Listening deeply. Tailoring delivery. Managing.
Finding a niche. Collaborating to benefit communities.

Each of those approaches = Empowering Practices

To get started on your reflective journey, click on the Empowering Practices link below. Additionally, you can explore the practices by clicking on the relevant section of the diagram.